Pool of reviewers / experts

    Which is the role of the reviewers/experts?

    The Aragon Agency for Quality Assurance and Strategic Foresight in Higher Education (ACPUA), following the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the EHEA (ESG) developed by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and the Principles for the Selection of Reviewers agreed by the European Consortium for Accreditation (ECA), selects reviewer to form part of its panels of experts to carry out the evaluation of the different programmes.


    Which profile types are selected?

    ACPUA permanently seeks to expand its database of reviewers of different profiles, with or without previous experience in evaluation, both national (preferably from outside the Autonomous Community of Aragon) and international:

    • Academic staff with academic, teaching, management and/or research experience.
    • Students in active master's, postgraduate or final degree courses of all branches (or who have completed their studies in the last academic year).
    • Professionals with extensive experience in the sector of the branch of knowledge subject to evaluation.

    How to participate?

    We invite experts who wish to be part of the Pool of reviewers/experts of the ACPUA to enter their data in the following web application Pool of reviewers to participate as reviewers in future evaluation campaigns. We invite non-Spanish nationality experts as well as Spanish experts working in foreign universities, to enter their data in the following application Pool of international reviewers.

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    Pool of reviewers                                              Pool of international reviewers


    Criteria, procedures, and bonifications of the collaboration:

    ACPUA covers the travel expenses and, of course, bonifies the work done by the reviewers. The criteria and procedures for the selection of reviewers can be found in the document "Selection procedure for ACPUA reviewers" available below.

    Note: for computer-related incidents in relation to the registration process at the Pool of reviewers/experts, please contact Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos at (+34)976714100.