Complaints, claims and appeals


We are faced with a complaint when a user addresses ACPUA pointing out delays, inattentions or other anomalies in the day-to-day operation of the Agency.

Any citizen may file a complaint, as specified in the Appeals, Complaints and Claims Procedure. ACPUA's Management will reply within 20 days.



We are faced with a claim when an evaluated person, not being able legally or not wanting to present an administrative appeal, writes to the Agency to express his disagreement with the performance of evaluators or with the development of an evaluation process. The claim will be sent to the ACPUA Guarantee Committee for study, after which it will be answered within one month by the Director of the Agency.

Any citizen may file a complaint related to the functioning of the agency, as specified in the Appeals, Complaints and Claims Procedure. The ACPUA Management, after consulting the Agency's Guarantee Committee, shall reply within one month.



The ACPUA is a public law entity and is therefore subject to the rules on guarantees and appeals established by the Spanish legal system. It is important to note that all ACPUA resolutions may be subject to legal challenge. These exhaust the administrative route, reason why the appeals to interpose against the same are the replacement appeal or contentious-administrative appeal, in the conditions set out by the current legislation.

All the appeals are subject to review by the ACPUA Guarantee Committee.


Form to file a complaint/claim or express dissatisfaction with our services:

You can send us your complaint or claim by post and through other means legally provided for the public administrations. And naturally, including any comment in which you express your dissatisfaction with our services, by sending a message to:, indicating in all cases your personal data, contact and the reason why you are writing to us.

You can also fill in the following form directly.

Further information:

Please refer to the attached document "Appeals, Complaints and Appeals Procedure" for further details.