Code of ethics

    The Code of Ethics is the reference document that governs the performance of all staff working for ACPUA, both permanent staff and reviewers and collaborators in any process or project. The Agency guarantees an ethical and responsible behaviour in the development of its activity, even beyond the obligatory compliance with the law, and for this purpose it determines the values and operating rules that guide its actions and its relations with the staff and with all the stakeholders.

    The Code of Ethics therefore sets out ACPUA's distinguishing traits and guarantees compliance with its values and commitments in order to strengthen the society's confidence. All the collaborators of the Agency without exception (including the members of the Board of Directors) sign it. No ACPUA reviewer may evaluate without first having read and signed this Code of Ethics. Compliance with this Code of Ethics is unavoidable: The ACPUA requires all its members and collaborators to perform their duties according to the highest ethical standards established in this document and in the regulations in force, as well as the highest levels of independence, equity, professionalism and integrity.