Research activity evaluation


Since 2005, the ACPUA has been evaluating the research activity of teaching staff hired full-time by the University of Zaragoza with the aim that people hired under these figures can access the additional remuneration supplement for research merit. At the same time, some of these figures could request the evaluation of their research activity from the CNEAI via agreement with the UZ.

Furthermore, with the purpose of providing the Aragonese R&D&i System with its own instrument for the evaluation, accreditation and certification of the research activity carried out within it, Law 17/2018, of December 4, of Aragón Research and Innovation has fully incorporated these tasks into the ACPUA. In response to this, and upon request from the following agents of the Aragonese R&D&I System, the ACPUA evaluates the applications of the contracted teaching staff of the CUD, the EUPLA and the ETUZ; non-permanent research staff of CITA and IACS; and certain figures of researchers hired by the University of Zaragoza.


Changes in the 2024 call

In 2024, the University of Zaragoza has opened the call for evaluation of six-year terms via agreement with the CNEAI to ALL teaching staff who were being evaluated by the ACPUA. Therefore, and to avoid the double evaluation of these profiles, starting in 2024, the ACPUA WILL NOT EVALUATE any figure of full-time contracted teaching staff at the University of Zaragoza.

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ACPUA six-year evaluation

Therefore, starting in 2024, the ACPUA will publish a single annual call at the beginning of the year to which contracted teaching staff from CUD, EUPLA and ETUZ, non-permanent research staff from CITA and IACS and certain figures of researchers hired by the University of Zaragoza.

The email address for inquiries about this process is

Call for application

In the evaluation of the applicants' research activity, the same criteria will be observed as those applied in the national system. 

Evaluation Committees


Appeals, complaints and claims

The ACPUA Guarantee Committee is the Agency's body responsible for reporting on appeals against decisions of the Director, ensuring the correct application of the evaluation, certification and accreditation procedure, reporting on complaints and claims of which the Director is transferred, and advising on any matters, claims or questions related to the guarantees and ethics of the evaluation that are submitted for consideration by the Board of Directors or Director of the agency.