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The new Strategic Plan of the ACPUA: a commitment to Excellence

The Strategic Plan 2019-2022 has introduced a strategic line ( L. 4 - PROSPECTIVE VISION: PROMOTING EXCELLENCE, STRATEGIC ASSESSMENTS AND THEMATIC ANALYSIS) so that the ACPUA can carry out actions to promote and recognize the excellent aspects within the University System of Aragon.

In 2015, and based on both a recommendation of the ACPUA Committee of Experts and the conclusions of a study carried out by ENQA on "The concept of Excellence in Higher Education", both formulated in 2014, the Board of Directors approved a document entitled "Boosting Excellence". It encouraged the Agency to take steps in this direction, taking the quality of degrees and centers as a reference. Furthermore, the document stated that, using the most advanced programmes in this field (such as those of NVAO or AQU Catalunya), an initiative in this sense by ACPUA could be completed with the inclusion of additional distinctive criteria, not contemplated in the accreditation renewal procedure but of strategic interest to the  University System of Aragon (such as, by way of simple example, internationalisation, entrepreneurship or student satisfaction). Almost five years later, and at a time when there has already been a lengthy process of both monitoring and evaluating the university system, which has attracted almost all ACPUA's attention, the Agency intends to resume and develop this programme of "Boosting Excellence". Specifically, and in close collaboration with the universities, in 2020 criteria and tools will be designed to make the system's dimensions of excellence visible and to highlight and contrast them internationally.