Strategic Forum Post-Covid


A recommendations decalogue has come up as some of the conclusions in our last meeting held by the programme ACPUA+Students on covid impact. In Ibercaja Youth Space facilities,  we counted on the presence of Yolanda Sancho, General Director of Universities in Aragon Government,

After being aware that learners need to be in the front row when analysing quality assurance in the higher education area, ACPUA has thrown its weight behind them while planning different live meetings in 2022. The main goal was to collect straight feedback from students’ experiences related to impact on teaching and socioemotional effects of the pandemic.

Therefore, to reach this ambitious objective, a survey was launched that consisted of different basic questions where students had to explain their best and their worst experience from the pandemic, their level of emotional impact and some adjustments in teaching for both the present and the future.

Each of these questions have also been answered in our 4 live focus group developed with 40 students from University of Zaragoza and University San Jorge. Working with a clearly defined methodology, ACPUA with the students have been able to launch a framework to reflect on students’ needs and suggestions for improvement.

With these activities, ACPUA promotes its compliance on its Strategic Plan ( line A6.1), on European standards such as ESG 2.1, and also on the Agenda 2030 (SDG4) for succeeding a quality education.