NEW MEETING ACPUA-REACU. -The Agency participates in the technical meeting of Spanish Quality Assurance Agencies Network (REACU).

ACPUA, Aragon Agency for Quality Assurance and Strategic Foresight in Higher Education

Last 4th of June 2019 was held at the Madri + d headquarters’ (The Madrid Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) a meeting of technical content. The REACU -whose secretariat currently holds The Castilla y León Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ACSUCYL) called this meeting which was attended by almost all the technical teams of the national QA Agencies.

The meeting, with a broad agenda, addressed aspects concerning the Study Programme Accreditation and follow-up, study programme Modification and Higher Education Institutional Accreditation.

The ACPUA is very pleased with the celebration and development of the recent meeting of technicians of REACU and we do a positive appraisal: technical teams had the opportunity to work and share ideas on all major processes of QA Agencies and thus detect problems and difficulties.

We also congratulate the organizers of the event (ACSUCYL) and the host Madri + d.

Finally, the ACPUA has always encouraged, within the REACU, this type of meetings whose desired formula would be one that would give technical continuity to meetings systematically held by the agencies directors.