ACPUA's participation in the European University Alliance UNITA continues


ACPUA closes a stage in the first phase of UNITA and continues to collaborate with the University of Zaragoza and 11 other universities in its European University Alliance project called UNITA. The fundamental purpose of this project is to lay the foundation of a genuine European university which contributes to the educational, scientific and cultural progress of its regions, fosters their sustainable development, strengthening the local innovation ecosystems and supporting their transition to a knowledge-based economy, whilst promoting and accelerating European integration within and beyond them.

As the official Quality Assurance Agency of Aragon (Spain), ACPUA is the main actor in external quality assurance for higher education in the region. Therefore, its field of action includes the study programmes evaluation and the institutional accreditation of the University of Zaragoza. Therefore, the mission of ACPUA  is to assure and promote the quality of Aragon higher education system, but also to develop useful links between the university, the socio-productive areas, the institutional decision-making bodies and the society and to promote exchanges of experiences with other systems and other education levels.

As full member of ENQA and of the most important global and European Networks on Quality Assurance (INQAAHE, ECA) and having carried out international reviews within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), ACPUA is very interested by the opportunity to participate in the UNITA project since the development of a European framework for comprehensive QA of European Universities is a major challenge that que QA agencies have to face.  For this, ACPUA offers its previous experience in actively accompanying the construction of the internal quality system of the UNITA Alliance.

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