ACPUA + Estudiantes



Launched in:  2014      

Staff responsible for programme:    Management, technician for research, innovation & prospective

Bodies supervising:    Transversal working Group of student members of the Board of Directors and technical bodies (since 2020) 

2019-2022 Strategic Line:   L6                   

The goal is to strengthen:

  • Student integration in ACPUA’s structure.
  • Student participation in ACPUA’s quality assurance activities.
  • Cooperation and stable relations with Student Unions in Aragon.
  • Student training in main QA processes.
  • Quality culture: student awareness about QA and QA Agencies.
  • A common understanding of learners’ needs and SCL (Student-centred learning).
  • Needs of students in transition to university.
  • Feedback from students about the impact of the pandemic (ACPUA Strategic Forum post-COVID).


Report Decalogue Presentation Focus group


In the ACPUA bodies and panels:

Student participation in the ACPUA bodies has been effective since the last reform of the Aragon Higher Education Act 5/2005, of 14 June (LOSUA).

Students have also been members of all ACPUA's evaluation panels (except for research or personal evaluation processes)  with full membership.


In programme and center evaluation processes:

Programme evaluation and visit to centers in the different evaluation processes always include discussion sessions with students and graduates, as well as hearings open to the general public interested in the process. These hearings are published on the ACPUA website and through the social networks.

Quality culture

Quality culture: student awareness about QA and QA Agencies.

I am a Student. How can I collaborate


Communication: with the aim of systematising consultation and regular dialogue with the students collective, gathering both their opinion and their suggestions or concerns.

ACPUA + Students online forum

  • Series of ACPUA Seminars "Students Speak Out" aimed at the dialogue, debate and promotion of a quality culture among students in Aragon (in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza and the San Jorge University).


Training in collaboration with other agencies.

Specific practical training in quality at university level for future student reviewers.

November 2021: New training sessions for students of the Aragon University System in collaboration with the agency AVAP




  • Previous sessions

    • October 2016: New training sessions for students of the Aragon University System in collaboration with the agency Madri+d.Further information here.
    • December 2015: Second training session in collaboration with Unibasq, to train students for the Basque University systemFurther information here.
    • March 2015: First ACPUA training session (in collaboration with the Basque agency Unibasq) to train students of Aragon in quality evaluation. Objectives of the training: a) to acquire a global vision of the teaching evaluation processes, paying special attention to accreditation b) preparation in methodologies to form part of evaluation panels in the renewal of the accreditation of degrees in the Basque Country. Further information here.