Project: Best practices in the Aragon university system

The ACPUA and the change management in the university system of Aragon: From recommendations to good practices

Main conclusions of the study:

  1. The ACPUA's external evaluation activity has been issuing numerous recommendations and identifying good practices
  2. As the implementation of the degrees has progressed, the number of good practices detected has approached the number of recommendations issued.
  3. Some of the global recommendations made to the University have been taken into account in its educational programming and in the deployment of its quality systems.
  4. The ACPUA has de facto become a facilitator of the changes in the University System of Aragon.

See presentation paper of the study (International Congress on Learning, Innovation and Competitiveness (CINAIC) 2014)

These results were presented in two forums in 2014: at the International Congress on Learning, Innovation and Competitiveness (CINAIC) and in the UZ Teaching Innovation Conferences.