Networking in Spain

​Spanish Network of University Quality Agencies (REACU)


The REACU plays an important role in coordinating and exchanging information on the evaluation processes and activities carried out by the participating agencies. Furthermore, it contributes decisively to the harmonisation at national level of the evaluation criteria used by the agencies, since it is within them that the draft national evaluation guidelines and protocols are usually prepared, which then end up having official status through the ANECA, the CURSA commission and the General Conference on University Policy.





Agencia "observadora" en reuniones REACU desde 2015.

University Commisión for the Regulation of follow up (monitoring) and renewal of Accreditation (CURSA)

The CURSA is a technical commission approved by the University Council and the General Conference on University Policy. It is chaired by the Director General of University Policy and its composition is mixed: senior representatives of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (4), directors general of autonomous communities (4), universities (5), ANECA and university quality agencies (4). ACPUA is part of this commission, being the only member from the Autonomous Community of Aragon. The functions of the CURSA are the following:

  • To agree on the guidelines and protocol for the process of monitoring degrees and renewing accreditation
  • To prepare general or specific reports on the process of implementation of the EHEA to be submitted to the Council of Universities and the General Conference on University Policy.
  • To agree on solutions to problems of interpretation and to conflicts arising in the procedures for monitoring and renewing accreditation.
  • To discuss and propose any other aspect related to the monitoring, the renewal of accreditation and the implementation of the EHEA not previously contemplated.

Integrated University Information System (SIIU)

The SIIU is a database of the Spanish University System organized in 5 areas: academic, human resources, economic, labor market insertion and R+D.  This system is supported by a web platform and is developed by the Ministry. Universities must publish their data with the previous validation of the corresponding Regional Governments.

The system allows the obtaining of comparable data since all the data are submitted to quality control and centralized calculation.

ACPUA collaborates in the design of the system through participation in national and regional meetings.