University research institutes


Law 5/2005, of 14 June, on the Organisation of the University System of Aragon (LOSUA), establishes in article 15 that “the creation, suppression and adhesion of the University Research Institutes corresponds to the Government of Aragon. This decision can be adopted at the initiative of the Social Board or the competent Department in university education maters with the agreement of the Social Board. In any case, it must count with the prior report from the Governing Council of the University and the Aragon Agency for Quality Assurance and Strategic Foresight in Higher Education”.

In addition, paragraph 3 of that Article provides that: "The task of the University Research Institutes must be submitted to a report by the Aragon Agency for Quality Assurance and Strategic Foresight in Higher Education every five years. In the case of negative report, the Government may agree the suppression of the Institute or grant a period to amend the errors or insufficiencies detected.”

In response to this LOSUA assignment, the agency has defined two related processes:

  • The pre-creation evaluation
  • The periodic evaluation (follow-up)

In this way, once the Institute is created and set up, the periodic follow-up every five years monitors its activity, proposing improvement actions when necessary or even proposing its suppression in the event that it is not complying with the proposed objectives.



The URIs evaluation programme is based on the evaluation of the following criteria, as described in the respective evaluation protocols (see attached documents):

  • A) Strategic definition of the URI
  • B) Interest in the objectives
  • C) Planning of activities
  • D) Team experience
  • E) Resources and budget
  • F) Management structure



The Research Evaluation Sub-commission (SET) is responsible for issuing all the reports related to the evaluation of Degrees. To this end, it considers the proposals for reasoned reports made by the respective experts (ad-hoc panels) in the light of the evaluation criteria and standards included in each of the protocols (see Evaluation Committees). 

Evaluation reports:

All the degree evaluation reports issued by ACPUA can be found on this web.



All activities of the ACPUA are subject to the Procedure for handling appeals, complaints and claims.