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Study Programmes Assessment Cycle


The Spanish regulatory framework establishes the organization of official university education and defines an evaluation and accreditation system whose objective is to supervise the effective execution of education and inform society about the quality of education. The Quality Agencies are responsible for ensuring the external quality assurance of higher education in Spain through the following cyclical process that applies to Degrees, Masters, PhD Programs, Art Education and Joint Programs:

  • Study Programme Initial Accreditation: Ex-ante evaluation of new programmes designs (and subsequent modifications).
  • Study Programme Follow Up: Follow up of the adequate implementation of the programmes, verifying that the commitments of the programme are being respected and that they have been favourably evaluated.
  • Study Programme Accreditation: Ex-post evaluation of the results of the implementation of the study plan (every 6 years for Bachelor's degrees / 4 years for Master's degrees) which includes a visit to the center by an external panel.

Legal Framework

Real Decreto 1393/2007 de 29 de octubre, por el que se establece la ordenación de las enseñanzas universitarias oficiales    

               R.D. 1393 de Ordenación                                 R.D. 99/2011 Doctorado                                  R.D. 1614/2009 Artísticas                                     O. IIU/969/2017





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Once an evaluation process has been completed, the opinion and suggestions for improvement are collected from all participants in the process (SET, committee and panel reviewers and reviewed). Based on this information, the CECA introduces the appropriate improvements in the evaluation procedures after consulting with the different stakeholders.

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