ACPUA + Students

I am a Student. How can I collaborate?


Students play a fundamental role in quality assurance processes. The mission of the ACPUA + Students programme, launched in 2014, is to promote the participation and training of the students of Aragon in quality assurance, fostering the agency's relations with all student groups in Aragon and opening channels for communication with this group.


  • Communication with the students in Aragon and effective collection of their opinions and needs.
  • Collaboration and dialogue with student associations in Aragon.
  • Training and information for university students in Aragon on quality and continuous improvement in the university environment.
  • The participation of students in the processes of evaluation of university teaching of the ACPUA and other university agencies.

The actions of this programme are articulated around the following three axes.


Communication: with the aim of systematising consultation and regular dialogue with the students collective, gathering both their opinion and their suggestions or concerns.

ACPUA + Students online forum

  • Series of ACPUA Seminars "Students Speak Out" aimed at the dialogue, debate and promotion of a quality culture among students in Aragon (in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza and the San Jorge University).


Training: specific practical training in quality at university level for future student evaluators.

  • March 2015: First ACPUA training session (in collaboration with the Basque agency Unibasq) to train students of Aragon in quality evaluation. Objectives of the training: a) to acquire a global vision of the teaching evaluation processes, paying special attention to accreditation b) preparation in methodologies to form part of evaluation panels in the renewal of the accreditation of degrees in the Basque Country. Further information here.


  • Participation: to culminate the effective participation of students in ACPUA bodies through a legal reform proposed and approved in 2014.