New logo

Agencia Calidad Prospectiva Universitaria Aragón

ACPUA cambia su logo

As it was explained to the Governing Board of the entity, there is a reason of a registration nature that strongly advised to carry out this change: both in the European Association of University Quality Agencies ENQA and in the European Register of EQAR Agencies our agency is officially registered by its acronym ACPUA, accompanied by a description in English of its meaning. After the success achieved in 2016 with the success of the international evaluation that accredits us as a European agency, above all it is our acronym, which identifies us and makes us known to the world. ACPUA's foundational logo, without an acronym or acronym, was unfortunately not in line with these international guidelines on registration and corporate image, which now operate in the European Higher Education Area and have therefore had to be replaced.

The new logo, already approved by the Institutional Communication Commission of the Government of Aragon, accompanies this news item.