Quality assurance and High Level Art Studies: University experience


The educational Authorities recently requeste that ACPUA evaluates High Level Art Studies in Aragon. Seminar dedicated to this topic, inviting the two Universities in Aragón to share their experiencies designing and implementing their IQAS, and counting with the experience of the QA Agency from Madrid.
  • Lecture Hall, Design School of Aragón

Participants: Fernando Beltrán,  Vice-Chancellor Academic Policy (University of Zaragoza), Andy Tunnicliffe, Delegate to the Rector Internationalization and Quality (Universidad San Jorge), and Óscar Vadillo, Study Programmes Evaluation at Fundación para el Conocimiento Madrimasd. Round table with: Luisa Pellegero, Director of the Aragon Higher Design Studies School, Agustín Charles, Director of the Music Conservatory of Aragon, Ignacio Mustienes, Director of the Conservation and Restoration School in Aragon.