Training Schools Certification

The teaching staff formation includes in the degree plans curricular training programs in educative centers. The Government of Aragón holds agreements with the universities so the university students can do their internships for the degrees of Elemental and Primary Teaching as well as in the Teaching Master. With the aim of the creation of an educational center network where the students can do their internships, an activity certification protocol has been stablished. The centers which have participated for two years can ask for the certification of ACPUA.


The Evaluation, Certification and Accreditation Commission of the Agency has developed the "secondary centers certification protocol". The centers will be able to ask the certification of their activity if they have had students during two academic courses, and after that ACPUA will revise the documentation about the practicum development (autoreports, practicum memories, follow up reports) and, if there is no special circumstance, the certification will be given for a three-year period.

Evaluation Body

The Institutional Evaluation Committee (SEC - Subcomisión de Evaluación de Centros) is the technical evaluation committee constituted by the Commission of Evaluation, Certification and Accreditation, as stablished in the Article 93.3 of the Aragon Higher Education Act and in the Article 17 of the Statutes of ACPUA is the evaluation body in charge of this process.

Quality Label


Once the evaluation process has concluded, opinions and improvement recommendations from all participants (Evaluation Committee, reviewers, and reviewees) are collected. Based on this information, the Commission of Evaluation, Certification and Accreditation prepares and approves a Meta-evaluation Report with the improvemente measures to be introduced in the process. In a second phase, the protocols are modified in order to incorporate those improvement measures, after consulting with all stakeholders.

Complaints and appeals

ACPUA's Appeals Committee is in charge of reporting on appeals against the agency's final evaluation decisions (Director´s resolutions), ensuring the correct application of evaluation protocols, inform about complaints or claims, and provide support and advice about complaints, claims, appeals or any other issue related to the guarantees and ethics of evaluation.