Plans and activities

Strategic Plan 2015-2018

ACPUA's current strategic plan was formally approved by the ACPUA's Governing Council in 2015, a year after the important meeting with the international evaluation panel of ENQA that was to verify whether the Agency had successfully implemented the European quality standards (ESG) that had also been approved in 2015. The Strategic Plan thus came to mark a clear European objective for ACPUA, which had to be completed through its corresponding axes and actions. In 2018, the Agency having achieved European accreditation in 2016 and consequently having assumed in 2017 all the competences that in the Spanish regulatory framework are granted to the ENQA / EQAR agencies, this Strategic Plan comes to an end both in timing and material terms. Therefore, in May 2018, the process of preparing the new Strategic Plan 2019-2022 has begun, incorporating the relevant methodology (preparation of a SWOT, identification and consultation of stakeholders, etc.), which also includes an internal process of reflection and improvement of our SGIC. A first milestone in this determination, with the help of all the stakeholders of the new medium-term strategic objectives of the ACPUA, was the follow-up visit (Progress Visit) made by the President (Fiona Crozier) and the Secretary (Pedro Teixeira) of the ENQA panel that evaluated the Agency in 2016. (See the Quality Assurance section in the EEES).