Partner higher ed institutions viability study

The Government of Aragon required that the associated centers to the University of Zaragoza will design viability plans before January 1st of 2013, aiming that ACPUA verifies the achievement of the requirements of personnel, available resources and teaching offer, and, when it proceeds, the proposal of improvement measures for the center, in order that it can achieve the quality of the results. Such partner or associated centers are:

  • Center of Infirmary of Huesca
  • Center of Infirmary of Teruel
  • Politechnical Center of La Almunia de Doña Godina
  • Center of Defense
  • Center of Tourism of Zaragoza

Legal Framework

The second paragraph of the Order of June 19th of 2012, from the Government of Aragón, for the stablishment of principles and requirements for the official university degrees in Aragón from 2012 to 2015, stablishes that:

"[...] Associated centers, jointly with their reference university, must create viability plans of their degrees before January 1st of 2013, which must be sent to the competent Department in higher education, with the purpose that the ACPUA can verify that the requirements about personnel, resources and teaching offer are achieved, and, when it is the case, proposes improvement measures for the center for the quality of its results."

Evaluation Protocol

The external evaluation is held according to the "associated centers plan evaluation protocol", shown in the following, approved the November 11th by the Evaluation, Certification and Accreditation Commission of ACPUA.

The following "associated centers plan evaluation protocol" has been created by ACPUA with the purpose that associated centers can count with a model for their viability plans with a minimum content that allows their evaluation from ACP

Evaluation Body

The Institutional Evaluation Committee (SEC - Subcomisión de Evaluación de Centros) is the technical evaluation committee constituted by the Commission of Evaluation, Certification and Accreditation, as stablished in the Article 93.3 of the Aragon Higher Education Act and in the Article 17 of the Statutes of ACPUA is the evaluation body in charge of this process.

Complaints and appeals

ACPUA's Appeals Committee is in charge of reporting on appeals against the agency's final evaluation decisions (Director´s resolutions), ensuring the correct application of evaluation protocols, inform about complaints or claims, and provide support and advice about complaints, claims, appeals or any other issue related to the guarantees and ethics of evaluation.