Guarantee Committee

This is the technical body of the Agency which has the task of supervising the correct processing of the Agency's evaluation, certification and accreditation procedures, reporting all complaints and appeals received by the Agency. It was created by agreement of the Governing Council of 4 May 2015, in order to comply with the new ESG 2.7. Complaints and Appeals, introduced by the Conference of Ministers of the EEES (Yerevan 2015).


  • To report on appeals filed against resolutions of the Director, ensuring the correct application of the procedure and without in any case being able to re-evaluate or pronounce on the merits of the case.
  • To report on the complaints and claims transferred by the Director of the Agency transfers.
  • To advise, within the scope of its competences, on any matters, complaints or questions related to the guarantees and ethics of the evaluation that are submitted for its consideration by the Governing Council or the head of the Management of the Agency.

In the performance of their duties, the members of the Guarantee Committee act with complete independence and freely approve the outcome of their actions, and are ultimately responsible for them.


The members of the Guarantee Committee are appointed by the Management of the Agency on the proposal of the Committee of Experts.


  • Three experts of recognised prestige in the aims and functions of the Agency and whose main professional activity is not carried out in centres that form part of the university system of Aragon. At least two of them must have legal training.
  • The Guarantee Committee shall elect its Chairman from among its members.
  • Chairman: Gabriel Morales Arruga (Lawyers of the State of Zaragoza)
  • Member Elena Larrauri Pijoán (Faculty of Law, Pompeu Fabra University)
  • Member María Jesús Yagüe Guillén (Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  • Secretary: Esteban Blasco, Head of Administration of the ACPUA